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We’re Growing…Fast! So Are The Challenges.

at From the Top, we help fast growth companies solve problems…that never come back.

When things that worked before…suddenly don’t.

Fast growth is exciting. But it also increases pressure inside a company. Growth naturally multiplies problems, devours cash, and can damage customer relationships. Isn’t growth supposed to make life better and work more rewarding?

Fast-growth companies experience common challenges: unsolved problems tend to grow faster than solved ones, old methods of preventing crisis mode are no longer as effective, and critical processes stop producing consistent results.  Growth creates complexity.

As the leader of your company we know you’re good at what you do.  You wouldn’t have gotten this far if you weren’t. We also know that you’ll eventually overcome this phase, just like you have with every previous challenge. But, the exhaustion of your current challenges can wear down your key people. What if you could overcome these stubborn obstacles…FASTER?


For almost 20 years we’ve partnered with our clients to tackle the predictable challenges of leading a growth company. We understand your obstacles at this stage of your business, and have developed simple action-oriented tools to help you eliminate them.

Solve your current problems so effectively that they never return.


The Next Steps

Request a Meeting

The first meeting is where we listen and learn about your business. We begin to understand your successes, challenges, and goals.

Scaling Up Assessment

We work together with you to complete an initial assessment of your leadership team and the three Deadly Distractions. We then present you with a simple, From The Top action plan. 

Shape Your Future

After identifying the best path forward, we now begin to help your team build your future, engineered to sustain your growth profitably

When experiencing explosive growth, and the challenges that came with it, From the Top came alongside me and our team, showing us how to grow our team’s ability to execute our strategy together. Our leadership team is much better at getting the right things done. Execution is now a team sport for us.”

— Robert Herrmann, CEO,
EHS Solutions LLC

Our company has nearly doubled in the last three years.  At the same time, our team has reduced in size and is energized for more.  This is possible because of From the Top’s systematic approach to identify and solve our earlier growth problems once and for all.  I couldn’t imagine the stress we would have without this approach to align our team and increase our effectiveness as we tackle the next-stage problems together.”

— Lane Gerber, CEO,
Trusted Supply Chain Partners

When our company grew suddenly from a small to a mid-sized business, we realized that we had outgrown all the solutions we had previously relied on. From the Top partnered with us to take on all these new challenges. This allowed us to focus more on what we were the best at.”

— Jaret Wieland, Former CEO,

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